Music Monuments featuring Andre Cymone

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Music Monuments are a powerful force in the #KZMOVERSE, honoring the artistic contributions musicians make in society.

While Andre has always contributed fierce funk to the artists he collaborated with, Still A Thrill being the shining example, he first debuted the most furious funk for his own forthcoming solo record when he previewed songs live at Paisley Park New Years Eve in 2019/2020. While the pandemic pushed pause on everything, this album full of funk cannot be contained and will come out this summer. Listen to the full interview on The Boogie Down with Binky Griptite, Saturday April 2nd at 8:00pm CST at Powered by OMG Media, KZMO-HD is a creatively and environmentally responsible, global and cultural media platform, on a mission to empower the human race through music and art. Learn more at: At OMG Media and its sister-brands, our work is centered around building cultural sustainability, in which music and art are essential to human survival and development. We strive to empower communities through our OMGisms – social constructs rooted in the arts that nurture and improve the health and wellness of youth and families. Learn more at: