Juneteenth Commemoration 2022 Event Schedule

“African American history, music and art cannot be separated from the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the forced transportation of millions of African people across the Atlantic who were then enslaved. The cultures from which they were torn and the conditions into which they were forced both contributed to the sounds of African American music and the creation of art and literature.” 

Juneteenth Commemoration 2022 is in partnership and supported by: 

Saint Paul Public Library, City of St. Paul, MN Humanities Center, Ujamaa Place and Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund

An OMG Studios Production.

OMG Studios Cultural Sustainability Promise

At OMG Studios, our work is centered around building cultural sustainability, in which music and art are essential to human survival and development. We strive to empower communities through our OMGisms – social constructs rooted in the arts that nurture and improve the health and wellness of youth and families.

2022 Juneteenth Flyer_FINAL