Water Cries

  • Artist

    Thomasina Petrus and Walter Chancellor, Jr.

  • Released

    May 2023

  • Genre


“Water Cries” is the soundtrack for The Juneteenth Story: From Galveston, TX to Minnesota, filmed in Galveston, Texas, where Juneteenth originated.  The song was inspired by the book “The Water Cries” written by Anthony P. Griffin, which uncovers the slave auction houses in Galveston, TX.  Legendary Jazz vocalist Thomasina Petrus, double-platinum Jazz saxophonist, Walter Chancellor, Jr. and film Director / Producer Monique Linder, came together to make a soundtrack that reflected the connection of water to slavery and how the water reflects everything it encounters.  It tells the story of the first contact Afro-Indigenous tribes who encountered and fought the colonizers.  Today, the water still cries for the ancestors that are buried at sea and for the ancestors who endured enslavement.  When will the water stop crying?