Journey 2 Africa 2 Podcast

Starting October 7th-20th, OMG STUDIOS will come to you live from Ghana and South Africa daily for 15 minutes during our filming of the next “Juneteenth Story: From Africa to Minnesota,” exploring the Middle Passage stage of the Atlantic Slave Trade and connecting it to Minnesota. The J2A2 podcast will be available everywhere you listen to podcasts on the KZMOHD media network and online at

The Juneteenth Story is an OMG Studios documentary series that has been told since 2018, mapping a straight line from current events to slavery.

The Juneteenth Story: From Galveston, TX to Minnesota 2023 (WATCH)

Juneteenth Commemoration 2022: Honoring George Floyd and Philando Castile (WATCH)

Juneteenth Commemoration 2021: From The National Peace and Justice Memorial featuring Bryan Stevenson and Dr. Josie R. Johnson (WATCH)

As we talk to descendants of the enslaved and tell their stories passed down generation to generation, we confront our painful history of slavery to pass it on to future generations, teaching them to never repeat it.