A celebration of African American history, music, art and literature, featuring a special tribute to George Floyd and Philando Castile by Ta-coumba T. Aiken and Seitu Jones.

This film is part of Juneteenth Commemoration 2022 celebration of African American history, music, art, music and literature in partnership with The City of St. Paul, Saint Paul Public Library, MN Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, Ujamaa Place and OMG Studios.

“It is impossible to separate African American history, music, art and literature from the Transatlantic Slave Trade. . .”
Film Credits:
Juneteenth History by City of Saint Paul, MN Mayor Melvin Carter, III
“What Juneteenth Means” by J.J. Hill Montessori School students
Tribute to George Floyd by Ta-coumba T. Aiken, Artist “No Words” /Recent Guggenheim Fellow
Interviewed by Kevin Lindsey, CEO MN Humanities Center
Tribute to Philando Castile by Valerie Castile, Mother of Philando Castile andSeitu Jones, Philando Castile Peace Graphic Artist / Sculptor
Bells Honoring Philando by J.J. Hill Montessori School kindergarten students
Philando Castile Song written by Thomasina Petrus with Thomasina Petrus and (Vocals) Thom West (Piano). Produced by Charles Petrus.
Music By:
“The Best of Billie & Me” written and produced by Thomasina Petrus, accompanied by Thom West
“Chicago by Night” by Walter Chancellor, Jr.
“Look What You Left Behind” written and sung by Thomasina Petrus, accompanied by Thom West
Look who you left behind,
Look what you left behind,
Your name on the wind,
So much love for the children,
And in,
The hearts of those who will know your
legacy left behind.
We’ll stand for you, we kneel for you, we laugh, laugh for you, and we will weep for you
Cause we love you, and what you left behind.
Film Locations:
George Latimer Central Library
Ta-coumba T. Aiken Studios
Walker Museum
J.J. Hill Montessori School
Philando Castile Peace Garden
Monique Linder, Director/Producer
Cully Gallagher, Filming/Editing
Diane Napper, Graphic Design
Supported by:
City of St. Paul, MN Humanities Center, Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Funds, Saint Paul Public Library and Ujamaa Place.
An OMG Studios Production.  All rights reserved.