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Episode 3: The Water Cries


“The Water Cries” featuring author Anthony Griffin tells the story about his journey to find the locations and history of Galveston’s slave warehouses that lined the area known today as “The Strand,” strategically located at the Port of Galveston, where the enslaved captives were unload as cargo and sold at slave auctions to plantation owners and wealthy real estate tycoons. Anthony Griffin illustrates the connection that water has to the brutal institution of slavery. In his words, “the water still cries,” as long as this nation fails to confront it history of slavery. ¬†Descendants of the enslaved people of Galveston, Rose McGee (Sweet Potato Comfort Pie) and film producer Monique Linder gathered around a meal prepared by author Griffin at his home, to link the past to the present, serving to inform future generations about their history and where we go from here.¬†

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